Below is a list of some of the special events at Kinderland. Please see our Photo Gallery for pictures from some of these events.
Cooking Classes
Children are exposed to variety of fruits, vegetables, learning about table maners and cooking a verity of foods.

Together with his or her parents (and cake, music, and games), we celebrate the birthday of each child.

Twice each year students and staff dress up for a full day of music and games.

Wather Days
During the summer, the daycare is converted into a waterpark for the kids.

Each year the children enjoy a day of music and dance

Holiday Wokshops
An evening of music, foods, and crafts shared with family and friends. The children build gingerbread houses, light candelabra, and put on a play for the parents.

Holidays From Around
The World

The children learn about the customs and traditions of different cultures as they are celebrated by holidays.

Petting Zoo
Each year the daycare is visited by a petting zoo.
The children have the opportunity to learn about the different animals and pet and feed them.

At the end of each term we celebrate the graduation of our students who will move on to kindergarden. This event is always a special one for the children and parents alike.